CenGivre currently has a teaching and research staff of 7 Full Professors and 5 Research Professors on-grant, all at UQAC.
  • Rachid Beguenane, Professor, Artificial Intelligence, Power Networks.

  • Gilles Bouchard, Professor, Electrical Engineering, Modelling and Computer simulation.

  • Masoud Farzaneh, Professor, Director of CenGivre, Physics of High-Voltage Discharge, Design for Insulation, Atmospheric Icing of Structures, Modelling and Simulation.

  • Issouf Fofana, Professor, Modelling of Electrical Discharge and Field Calculations

  • Louis Houde, Professor, Statistical Modelling, Stochastic Methods.

  • Anatolij Karev, Research Professor on-grant, Icing Processes.

  • Laszlo Kiss, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Heat Transfer.

  • Mohand Ouhrouche, Professor, Power Networks.

  • Jean Perron, Professor, Fluid Dynamics, Modelling and Simulation, Heat Transfer.

  • Konstantin Savadjiev, Research Professor on-grant, Electromechanical Engineering, Probabilistic Study of Icing.

  • Christophe Volat, Research Professor on-grant, Icing Processes Engineering.

  • Jianhui Zhang, Research Professor on-grant, Electrical Engineering, Modelling.

The team also relies on the collaboration of 4 Post-Doctoral Fellows, 15 Ph.D. students, 8 Masters’ students, and 6 Bachelors’ students, as well as 20 research assistants, technicians, and professionals.

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